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Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1584
Hectares of vineyards: 13
Annual production: 1,000,000 bottles
Winemaker: Jean-Pierre Mereigner
Address: 12, rue Godart Roger - Epernay

The producer Gosset is considered a pioneer of wine production in Champagne. In fact, the history of this winery begins way back in 1584, when Jean Gosset bequeathed to his nephew Pierre a small vineyard in the municipality of Ay, in the Marne valley. Today this village is famous throughout the world for the value of its extraordinary vineyards, almost all of which are 100% included in the Grand Cru denomination. Pierre Gosset immediately understood that his wine, rigorously red and still (!), would also be successful outside the borders of his own region, and began a trade that soon extended to the whole of France. It is worth knowing that only at the dawn of 1700 did the Maison Gosset begin the production of Champagne. For 14 generations this winery remained a small family-run winery, until in 1994 it was sold to the Cointreau family, famous for the production of its liqueurs. This step led to a substantial enlargement of the structure and in 2009, 425 years after its birth, the Maison moved to a new location: the Trouillard Palace, in Epernay, a splendid building from the early 20th century, equipped with approximately 5 kilometers of underground cellars, a true marvel, dug into the chalky soil, which reach up to 20 meters deep, where the cool and stable environment throughout the year and constant humidity of around 80% allow for perfect refinement of approximately 2 million bottles of Champagne produced per year. Between the rows, the agronomic choices are prudent and careful, aimed at maintaining the balance of the environment, nature and ecosystem unchanged, and at the same time aimed at keeping the plants fully healthy. In the modernly equipped cellar, the wine is made into sparkling wine, under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Mereigner, with the utmost attention to all details and respect for the long tradition. This is how Gosset Champagnes are produced, renowned throughout the world, and famous above all for their natural fruity freshness and the fragrant aroma of the bouquet. Champagne, therefore - those labeled Gosset - of an extraordinary level of quality: quality Champagne, simply excellent Champagne.

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