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Henriet Bazin

Henriet Bazin
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1890
Hectares of vineyards: 7,5
Annual production: 100,000 bottles
Winemaker: Nicolas Rainon
Address: 9 rue des Mises 51380 Villers-Marmery

The small Henriet Bazin winery was founded in 1890, thanks to the initiative of 3 partners who decided not to send all the grapes to the large and famous maisons of the time, as was the tradition at the time: part of the harvest was then vinified on their own, giving rise to the productive activity. One of them is Gaston Henriet, great-grandfather of Marie-Noelle Bazin , current owner of the winery. The company therefore has a long family tradition, with 5 generations behind it, and above all it counts on a heritage of 6 hectares of extraordinary owned vineyards, divided into 37 parcels in 3 villages with a great vocation: Verzy and Verzenay , which are in fact classified Grand Cru , or the top in the region's ranking; in addition there is a plot in Villers-Marmery , in the Premier Cru area, second tier. Pinot Noir comes mainly from the first two and Chardonnay from the last. The chalky subsoil is covered by superficial formations that guide the agronomic choices of the Maison, also influencing the sensorial expression of the grapes and therefore of the wines. The philosophy of the winery is to allow the wine to fully express the terroir (soil, microclimate, tradition) from which it comes. To achieve this objective, each step is manual, the pressing of the grapes is soft, the must flows by gravity into the tanks, without the use of mechanical pumps. A natural clarification process follows, without mechanical or chemical filtration and then long refinements on indigenous yeasts. In short, all the precautions to make these wines unique and a true expression of the territory. Henriet Bazin champagnes are truly particular, unique, far from the commercial logic of classic champagne production and therefore highly sought after by enthusiasts, also due to the small artisanal production that is made available.

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