It is a distillate of cereals, with a prevalence of maize, flavored with juniper berries, spices and herbs called " botanicals ". Gin originally originated in Holland (with Jenever ), but over time it has become England's national drink, through a series of important historical events. Today it is produced all over the world, on this page the best Italian gins, even if the most renowned and valuable productions remain the English and Dutch ones. Only with regard to Plymouth Gin we have a (secret) recipe based on 7 ingredients: for the rest of the production (worldwide), the minimum and maximum number of natural "flavorings" remains at the discretion of the producer, which may include flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables to his liking, to personalize the recipe in an absolutely original way, both by focusing on the territory and on rare plants, scattered around the world. The types of these distillates , therefore, are truly endless and you can even get to the most expensive gins, but among the Gins that have made the history of this product we must certainly mention the London Dry , a distillate with a pungent aroma and more decisive taste, also suitable for mixing excellent cocktails, born in 1742 by Alexander Gordon (who will start a very successful, and still current, production).

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