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Pecorino is an extraordinary white grape variety whose area of choice is represented by the Sibillini mountains, in the Marche region, where it was born; its cultivation then met with success also in the southernmost territories, up to Abruzzo , where it still represents an excellence. Legend has it that the name is of pastoral origin: Pecorino, or the wine of the shepherds. After years of oblivion, probably due to the low yield of the plant and its difficulty in cultivation, today it has experienced new life and truly unexpected success. Finally, today the times are ripe for Pecorino too and more and more winemakers from the Marches, but also from Abruzzo, produce it in purity, obtaining intense and full-bodied wines. Pecorino is a wine with a remarkable structure, endowed with very marked and clear aromas, with a prevalence of herbaceous ones. Its fruity notes are warm, with hints of yellow flowers, but there are also mineral notes and aromatic herbs. On the palate, Pecorino shows a decisive acidity and a broad structure, with a moderate alcohol content and great persistence. In short, a great wine.

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