The cultivation of vines in the Jura dates back to Roman times: the region is very small (only about 2000 hectares of vineyards), but offers an interesting viticulture. The most important cultivated vines are 5, of which 2 with white grapes ( Chardonnay and Savagnin ) and 3 with black grapes ( Pinot noir , Poulsard and Trousseau ). The most famous wines of the region are the Vin de Paille which is obtained by letting the bunches dry for at least 6 weeks on beds of straw in well-ventilated and dry environments. At the end of the drying process, the grapes are pressed and subjected to a slow fermentation and left to mature in small wooden barrels for at least three years. The result is a passito wine enveloped in notes of exotic fruit, candied orange and honey, and the Vin Jaune whose Savagnin grapes are harvested late and the must is left to age in fully filled barrels for 6 years and three months, without any decanting or topping up. In fact, the wine undergoes controlled oxidation thanks to the formation of a veil (voile) which protects it. The result is a golden yellow wine with aromas of curry, bitter orange peel, walnut, almond and quince. The taste is dry. Once the refinement is complete, the wine is then bottled in the traditional squat-shaped bottles, called "clavelins". The importance of this technique, almost a sacred rite, during which the wine reaches maturity and is enriched with aromas and flavors, is celebrated with a real ceremony: " la percée du Vin Jaune ".

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