Calvados is the distillate of cider, therefore not a liqueur but a sort of wine with a low alcohol content, very acidic, obtained from the fermentation of apples. Born in Normandy . The name Calvados was adopted during the French revolution to name the entire central territory of Normandy and the distillate officially took that name right in this period. Calvados to be regulated must age for at least two years in wooden barrels, but terms or symbols are given on the label to interpret the aging which is also influenced by the style followed by each distiller. The 3 etoile (stars) indicate aging for a minimum of 2 years; Vieux or Reserves: from a minimum of 3 years; Vo or VSOP: from a minimum of 4, Xo or Extra or Hors d'age : from a minimum of 6 years. The unaged Calvados is characterized by the typical fruity aroma of apples and pears, pleasant after a fine and light meal, but also as an aperitif, you can buy it here directly in our online shop at the best price. It is also used, generally with ice, for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Aged calvados takes on a golden color and is excellent served at the end of a meal, excellent as a digestive; the French also sip it during meals, the traditional Trou Normand "the Norman hole", or a sip of Calvados taken between the various courses.

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