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    The Malvasia vine represents an anomalous case in the Italian ampelographic panorama: it is a real family of different grapes; in fact, a large number of white and black grape varieties refer to this name, with very different final characteristics of the wines. Among the best known we mention Malvasia Bianca, Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia di Bosa (Sardinia), Malvasia di Casorzo (Piedmont), Malvasia Istriana, etc. From these grapes are produced sparkling wines, dry and sweet white wines, dry and sweet red wines. The name "Malvasia" derives from Monembasia, a Byzantine stronghold in the south of the Peloponnese, where sweet wines were produced which were then exported throughout Europe by the Venetians under the name of Monemvasia. The wine produced with this variety had become extremely popular, so much so that Venice was full of taverns, called Malvase, dedicated to its consumption. The Malvasia Bianca vine is found above all in Southern Italy, where it is generally vinified together with other grapes. There are 17 varieties belonging to the Malvasia group. Many are characterized by their aromaticity, i.e. by the presence of primary or varietal aromas, so defined because they are also present in the ripe fruit, and not only found in the finished wine.

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