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    Archaeological finds, dating back to five thousand years ago, confirm the presence of viticulture in Lebanon in very distant times, so much so that the wines were marketed by the Phoenicians as early as 1200 BC But this country, let us not forget, was also the cradle of wine thanks to its proximity to the he current Georgia, where the first traces of wine date back as far as 7,000 BC. The Lebanese region historically devoted to the cultivation of vines is the Bekaa Valley , with over 50% of national production and with an average altitude of about 1000 metres!; temperatures never exceed 25 degrees and there is an almost total absence of rain during the vegetative period of the vine; it is the snow that melts from the nearby mountains that allows the soil to be constantly hydrated. The main wineries are located in 3 areas: Chouf , facing west, with clayey-limestone soils, with hot summers and mild winters; Batroun , to the north of Beirut, second in terms of vineyard extension and recently developed and Jezzine , to the south, which tends to be warmer, but with a variety of microclimates and limestone soils. Yields are very low and the vineyards undergo very few treatments. The main grape varieties are black grapes: cabernet sauvignon , cinsault , carignan , syrah ; among the whites chardonnay , sémillion and the natives merweh and obaideh . These grapes, as well as their wines, exude a unique taste that is not known in the rest of the world.

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