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Region: Veneto (Italian wines)

Fiol is a Prosecco created to celebrate the joy of being together sharing moments of pure pleasure. The product, in fact, tells the story of the friendship between 3 enterprising young friends who left Treviso to follow their aspirations abroad. Over time, they realized that the heart remained at home, in Veneto, and decided to create something truly unique that celebrated their friendship. Fiol is a company (and a sparkling wine) that represents the oldest Venetian excellence. Prosecco, in fact, marks important moments in the history of the region. Skilled winemakers dedicate themselves to its care, raising the vine with the same love given to their children. Fiol, not surprisingly, means son in Venetian dialect. The sparkling wine, in addition to uniting a passion of three young friends, wants to convey with its particular sweet and sweet taste, the joy of living and the optimistic vision towards the future. The company headquarters are in Treviso, but an international staff with specific skills is involved in the production and brings an important element to the realization of a project, the aim of which is to obtain quality prosecco. In this vision, the Glera grapes with which it is produced take on great importance. They come from a selection in the DOC area of Triveneto. The entire winemaking process is conducted with care and passion for every single detail. Nothing is left to chance. Expert winemakers are always studying to maintain the high quality standard. The final product is the result of the meeting of tradition with innovation. The ancient dictates remain rooted in the soul of the company. Finally, the design of the bottle is particular and an online ideas competition was even held for it. In the end, a few essential lines manage to perfectly express the simplicity of a sincere product that represents the territory from which it comes without frills or excess. In one sip its characteristic fruity aromas are contained together with a strong, fresh, savory and mineral taste.

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