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    The Moscato family includes wines of many different types, both white, red and rosé. They are all aromatic vines, i.e. with a decidedly important and intense olfactory connotation, due to the massive presence of terpenes, substances present on the skin of the berry. The two best-known vines of this family are Moscato bianco, present throughout Italy and the one from Asti (docg) is particularly famous, and Moscato Giallo (GoldMuskateller), widespread above all in the north-east and in Alto Adige . Instead, an example of black berried Moscato is Moscato di Scanzo, native grown exclusively in the area of Scanzorosciate, in the province of Bergamo, with drying of the grapes, a true nectar, while pink berried there is precisely Moscato Rosa, widespread especially in Alto Adige, also passito. However, there are also interesting dry versions of white berried wines, in which the aroma blends with freshness and a surprising sapidity. A family of grapes, therefore, truly extraordinary.

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