The patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick , is also the protagonist in the legend which has him as the author of the first distillation in Ireland; certainly in 400 AD it was the distillation of herbal essences for therapeutic purposes and not of cereals for the production of alcoholic beverages. These began to be produced by the monks a few centuries later. In fact, around the year 1000, the drink distilled from cereals was already widespread, whose Gaelic name was uisge beatha or usque baugh . This name transformed into whisky , differing from Scotch whiskeys because of the "e". Irish and Scottish whiskeys actually come from the same tradition, but there are many and important differences that make them two very different products. What gives Irish whiskey its typicality is the lack of peat scent , the type of cereals used (malted and unmalted cereals), the larger size of the stills and the three distillation steps. It should be known that most Irish whiskeys are vatted , (from vat, i.e. vat), i.e. products (unlike Scotch whiskies) from the blending, or vatting, of different whiskeys obtained from malt, barley and various cereals, but of the same ageing. We remind you that Irish whiskey is not only the distillate based on many cocktails, among which the most famous is Irish Coffee , but it can also be consumed alone, neat or with ice in an "old fashioned" glass.

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