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Cognac is a distillate of wine (and not of pomace, like Grappa) and is produced in France around the town of the same name, in the Charente region, north of Bordeaux. It is one of the noblest and most refined products in France and probably in the world, and here you can find the most famous cognacs at the best price. It is made from the distillation of a white wine produced with the Ugni Blanc grape variety (our Trebbiano) with an elaborate technique, exclusive to the area. The product must then be aged in oak barrels, assuming different names depending on the aging period, from a minimum of 30 months up to tens of years. The long period of aging in wooden barrels contributes to the exceptional refinement of the final product, with its typical warm and velvety taste. The AOC (Appelation d'Origin Controlee) specification, drawn up in 1909 to protect the product from "copies" made in other areas of France and in other countries, provides for 6 official areas, called Crus , which are: Grande Champagne (nothing see with the region where the famous sparkling wine is produced), Borderies, Petite Champagne , Fins Bois , Bons Bois , Bois à Terroir or Bois Ordinaire .

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