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Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1892
Hectares of vineyards: 52
Annual production: 400,0000 bottles
Winemaker: Giovanni Coppo, Guglielmo Grasso e Riccardo Cotarella
Address: Via Alba, 68 - Canelli (AT)

The Coppo winery has distant roots in the Asti area and we are referring to the end of the 19th century, when Piero Coppo founded the winery of the same name in Canelli, already the capital of Moscato and Barbera ever since. The Coppo winery consolidates and expands with his son Luigi, who brings great innovations and modernizations, but it will be Luigi's 4 sons who bring about a decisive turning point in the winery's production, introducing the family vineyards, cultivated with Moscato, Barbera and Freisa , the international Chardonnay and Cabernet vines. In 1984 the fourth generation arrived, represented by Massimiliano and Edoardo, who brought the winery into the new millennium, with younger and more dynamic forms of communication, but the philosophy is always the same: taking care of the wines produced in every detail, with love and a lot of effort, because only in this way can exceptional wines be obtained. The 52 hectares of vineyards on the estate are all located in the Canelli area, with perfect south-southwest exposure. It should be underlined that many vineyards are cultivated with biodynamic practices and integrated agriculture techniques, therefore maximum attention to the environment by the last heirs of the family. The cellar, which winds underground for kilometers, is divided into two parts: a modern and technological part and another silent and muffled one, with ceilings made of exposed red bricks, where in the dim light the wines rest in wooden barrels. wines suitable for aging. It is a labyrinth of tunnels, now known as "Underground Cathedrals", and which have become a UNESCO "world heritage site". A total of 400,000 bottles are produced and all the labels have a common thread: harmony, elegance, precision and quality.

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