Molise wines 

The wine history of Molise dates back to Roman and Samnite times. Pliny the Elder was the first to mention the wines of Isernia in his works. From the point of view of wine, being a very small region, Molise is often erroneously little considered in the Italian panorama; instead the productions are qualitatively commendable. The vineyard area is mainly located around the province of Campobasso and essentially involves 4 DOCs: Biferno DOC, Molise DOC, Tintilia del Molise DOC, Pentro d'Isernia DOC. The white berried grapes grown in Molise are mainly Tuscan Trebbiano, Malvasia and Bombino Bianco, as well as Falanghina and Greco, from nearby Campania. An important native vine of Molise is represented by Tintilia del Molise, recent DOC of 2011, which meets the tastes of the general public for its complexity and "rusticity" of taste: important tannins, boldly dark and intense color, Tintilia produces red wines high quality, often quite alcoholic and markedly herbaceous. Inevitably influenced by the neighboring regions, in Molise there are also interesting examples of Aglianico and Montepulciano from which the DOC Biferno Rosso and Rosato are obtained. Today the Molise wines are placed between those of Abruzzo and those of Puglia, acting as a link between the quality enologies of the two regions.

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