Whiskey or whiskey is an alcoholic beverage, obtained from the distillation of a fermented must generally composed of barley and other cereals in variable percentages, malted and unmalted; subsequently the distillate is normally placed to age in wooden barrels, generally oak, you can find it of all brands at the best price and order it here directly online. The most famous whiskey is certainly the one produced in Scotland, where two profoundly different categories of spirits are produced: the most valuable is the pure malt whiskey obtained from the distillation of barley only, in a single distillery. The second, generally more commercial, is blended whisky . This product is obtained by blending malt whiskeys made in various distilleries, often mixed with spirits from different grains. Water is a fundamental ingredient for the production of this distillate and this can be understood by verifying that the most renowned distilleries are near watercourses or springs. The first document which certifies the existence of whiskey is located in Scotland and is dated 1494. Today, in reality, there are various nations which produce quality whiskey and distillates : certainly the United States, Ireland and the emerging Japan. Depending on the raw materials, the production areas, the aging times, the whiskey takes on different characteristics and aromatic profiles, but it always remains a distillate with a rich and unmistakable flavor, often peated, an intense, unique, irresistible experience.

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