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Vitovska is a border vine, between Italy and Slovenia: it seems to be a grape originally from Vipacco, today in Slovenia, and from there it has begun to enjoy good success over the centuries. Often in the past, vitovska was vinified in blending with other grapes, especially with Malvasia Istriana, but more and more often, today, it is proposed and vinified alone, thanks to the trend of rediscovering forgotten autochthonous vines and the oenological qualities of this variety . Its rediscovery has also led to experimenting with some versions aged in wood, which reveal not only the vinosity of youth, but also softer scents with acidity that fades to make way for rounder structures. The DOC Carso Vitovska typology has managed to carve out its space in the market and the vine variety today represents an important reality in the local wine scene.

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