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Henri Giraud

Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1978
Hectares of vineyards: 25
Annual production: 250,000 bottles
Winemaker: Claude Giraud
Address: 71, boulevard Charles-de-Gaulle - BP 26 Bis 51160 AY Cedex

The Henri Giraud Champagne House was born with the Hemart family way back in 1625, but it was from the beginning of the 20th century, with the union between Madeleine Hémart and Léon Giraud, that the new brand and the new Giraud winery were created. A century of passion and work has passed: today we are at the twelfth generation of Hèmart-Giraud with Claude, an oenologist with studies in Burgundy, who has made Champagne Henri Giraud one of the best Champagne Maisons in the world. One of the key moments for the company is represented by the 1990 harvest and the creation of the Fût de Chêne cuvee, fermented in small oak barrels from the Argonne forest. This splendid vintage immediately established itself internationally, rightfully entering among the great Champagnes of the world. From that year, the use of barriques (produced with wood from the Argonne forest) became part of all the Cuvées produced by Giraud; Claude Giraud is in fact convinced that forests also have a terroir, like vineyards and therefore "there are no great wines without great woods". Again, in 2016 Claude Giraud surprised everyone by announcing Révolution Nature, a truly particular label which, from the 2016 harvest, abandons steel vinification. From that moment, all cuvées are vinified either in wood from the Argonne forest or in amphorae. This turning point represents a return to the true origins of wine and is already bringing exceptional results. Furthermore, none of the vineyards from which the Henri Giraud Champagne grapes come are treated with pesticides. It must be said that all Henri Giraud Champagnes predominantly use Pinot Noir and for this reason they are full-bodied and structured wines. The vinification in wood adds complexity and oxidative notes, but without ever dominating. "If what you are looking for is a Champagne that can accompany you throughout the meal, that is intense and persistent, Champagne Henri Giraud is made for you!". Naturally, the maison's goal is to be able to create complex and structured champagnes without sacrificing the drinkability of the wine. Giraud Champagnes are a unique experience, worth trying!

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