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The origin of this vine is unequivocal, brought to our peninsula from Magna Graecia by the first Hellenic settlers, probably in the 7th century BC. Today there are two sub-varieties of the original Greco, the Greco Bianco and the Greco di Tufo, coming from the municipality of the same name in province of Avellino. They are both protagonists of elegant and important southern white wines. These whites are generally ready immediately and remain intact for 3-4 years after the harvest, after which they evolve with an excellent longevity of up to 10-12 years. The versatility of this grape allows for different uses, therefore we find it not only in the "dry white" version, but also in the sparkling version and in the sweet "raisin" version. In general, Greco is a warm, sumptuous, structured wine, endowed with personality and great intensity. The classic aromas of Greco are deep and recall peach, quince, almonds, honey and yellow flowers.

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