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Buvoli - Opificio del Pinot Nero

Buvoli - Opificio del Pinot Nero
Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 2001
Hectares of vineyards: 7
Annual production: 18,000 bottles
Winemaker: Marco Buvoli
Address: Via Mondeo, 1 - Gambugliano (VI)

“The rock winery”, this is how Marco Buvoli calls his reality, because in addition to wine, music is his other great passion and it has been verified that this is also liked by the grapes he produces and makes sparkling wine. The Opificio del Pinot Noir is the winery that Marco, together with some friends, created in 2001 thanks to his passion for that wonderful French grape variety, Pinot Noir; we are in the Pre-Alps of the province of Vicenza, the cellar is located inside his house and the vineyards are distributed throughout the beloved surrounding area. The work, both inside and outside the structure, is all in the name of harmony and respect for the territory, following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, therefore banning synthetic chemicals and favoring traditional and natural methods. The main focus is to have healthy and genuine grapes, focusing on a raw material of absolute quality, with the careful selection of each bunch produced. As he himself says: "... each soil has different characteristics from the other in terms of microclimate, exposure, soil and nature and it is our task to ensure that each of these unique traits is best valued and exalted in the final product." In the end, quality grapes just need to be pampered and accompanied in the right direction by knowledgeable and passionate hands, like those of Marco, and this is how small, artisanal, but extraordinary productions are created, dedicated to all those who they are lovers of this vine and of those French areas so dear to the north of France, primarily Burgundy.

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