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    With the arrival of spring and the first sunny days, grillers go wild! Each with their own technique, but all united by passion, commitment and determined to make fire and flames! In short, the barbecue is an art, but also a ritual, which gives us moments of conviviality and fun with family and friends. But what is the wine for grilling to match our menu? If there is red meat on our embers, young reds are to be preferred, the Florentine steak for example recalls a territorial pairing of sure success with an excellent Chianti , but depending on the cuts of meat and the seasoning we can also prefer more imposing wines such as a Barbera (d'Asti or d'Alba), or a Nebbiolo. The more succulence increases (understood as the quantity of liquids present in the mouth due to salivation induced by chewing food), the more we will go in search of wines with greater tannins and alcohol content which help dry the mouth. With white meats such as grilled chicken we can focus on more delicate and medium-bodied reds such as a Pinot Noir , or we can dare with structured whites such as a Chardonnay , a Verdicchio or, if the meat has been particularly flavoured, even a Gewurztraminer . Let yourself be inspired and trust your instincts, for sure… it will be a success!

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    Wine for grilled meat and more

    Whatever your culinary proposal may be for you and your guests, in this section of Vinopuro you will find a wide selection of wines: not only the classic reds or the more particular structured whites, for meats of all kinds; if instead you are thinking of a grilled fish you will find excellent white wines . You will also find excellent bottles to combine with vegetables.

    Barbecue wine - the best on your table

    The proposal that you will find is of the highest quality and in fact you will be able to select the braciata wines according to the type, but also by the denominations, as well as for the different producers. If you are looking for an award-winning wine, you can choose the best here.

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