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Goutorbe Bouillot

Goutorbe Bouillot
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1913
Hectares of vineyards: 7,5
Annual production: 55,000 bottles
Winemaker: Bastien e Dominique Papleaux

The history of the small Goutorbe-Bouillot house starts far back, around the end of the 1700s, when most vignerons still gave their grapes to the large "houses". In February 1913, Pierrette Bouillot, a winemaker in Damery, married Jules Goutorbe and thus the current brand was born. The 1950s marked the rise of champagne and this greatly helped the growth of wineries. After various changes, ownership passed to the Papleaux family who still manages the family business today. Today the estate consists of approximately 7.5 hectares of vineyard land, located mainly in the municipality of Damery and some vineyards in the municipality of Cumières. It is important to remember that all the vineyards are in possession of the HVE (Haute Valeur Enviromentale) certification, a certification born in France, and in force since 2012, which certifies the attention to the environmental impact of the  the winery. Goutorbe-Bouillot also chooses the refinement of its wines through the Solera method, a system which consists of arranging oak barrels in several overlapping rows, starting to fill only the highest barrels; after a year, a part of the contents is poured into the barrels that were on the lower level, and the upper ones are filled with the new wine and the process is repeated from year to year; in this way the wine found in the barrels at the base, ready for consumption, is made up of grapes from different years, and from year to year it is enriched with particular aromas. There are few wineries in Champagne that use this method, otherwise practiced for the production of fortified wines, such as Sherry. The result is represented by very intense, rich, complex, elegant champagnes and strongly linked to tradition, to condense in each bottle the past, present and future of this family so strongly linked to their land.

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