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    Marche wines 

    The origins of viticulture in the Marches date back to Etruscan times, but it is only after the second half of the 1900s that there is a real enological development which coincides, in 1953, with the creation of the amphora-shaped bottle which is still associated today al Verdicchio, by the Fazi Battaglia winery. The vines grown in the Marches are 60% white grapes, above all Verdicchio. This vine today represents one of the most interesting autochthonous white berried grapes of Italy, capable of producing complex and well-structured wines: it is an extremely versatile grape and, in addition to the production of dry wines, it is also used for sweet and sparkling wines . Depending on the vinification style, the characteristics of Verdicchio wines are pretty varied, from light and fresh to robust and structured, also suitable for aging in cask. Red wine in the Marche means above all Montepulciano and Sangiovese. We recall that in 2004 the Rosso Conero obtained the DOCG in the reserve version. The Rosso Conero area benefits from the benevolent influence of sea breezes which, together with the calcareous composition of the soil, make it possible to obtain a unique red wine of its kind. Rosso Piceno, on the other hand, is produced further south, in a rather vast area that reaches the borders of the province of Pesaro. Montepulciano is present for at least 85% in both wines. In the Marche region we also find less known but very interesting native vines such as Lacrima di Morro d'Alba and Vernaccia nera, completing a range of wines that is finding growing appreciation among enthusiasts, even abroad.

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