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    Probably of Tuscan origin, there will be a reason if it is the most cultivated vine in Italy, present in many regions (mainly, but not only, in the Centre-South). In fact it is used, alone (in purity) or together with other grapes, to produce high-level wines, such as Brunello di Montalcino , Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano , Chianti (to remain in Tuscany) or Rosso Conero, Sangiovese di Romagna and many others. Its versatility allows it to be cultivated intensively, making very cheap and commercial wines, or with high quality standards. We also find it abroad, for example in California, but also in Argentina, Brazil and Australia. This wide geographical diffusion makes it difficult to give a description of the wine made from Sangiovese. Generally, we can say that the wine produced with 100% Sangiovese has a rather high acidity and a high level of tannins, its color is not particularly intense and it has a medium level body/structure. To mitigate its natural "roughness" (due to the high presence of tannins), Sangiovese is often blended with wines produced from other grapes, such as Canaiolo Nero in Chianti and Torgiano Rosso in Umbria or if vinified "in purity", wooden barrels are used which, over time, smooth out and smooth the typical astringent and astringent notes.

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