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Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer
Region: Champagne region (France)
Year of foundation: 1776
Hectares of vineyards: 215
Annual production: 3,200,000 bottles
Winemaker: Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon
Address: 21 Vol. Lundy, 51053 - Reims (Marna)

1776 is a historic year from many points of view: while the United States of America was born in Philadelphia, Louis Roederer founded his Maison in Reims. The Maison Roederer grew over the years and even faced the dark periods of the great world wars with enthusiasm, always managing to stand out for its inimitable champagnes. After two and a half centuries it continues to produce magnificent champagnes under the guidance of the same family, proudly standing out as one of the last remaining large independent family-run houses. The vineyards owned by the Roederer family extend for 240 hectares in the Vallée de la Marne and include exclusively Grands and Premiers Crus, for a total of 410 plots. With the awareness that a great champagne can only be born from the earth and from scrupulous care of the vineyards, the Maison is increasingly in line with the principles of organic agriculture and the study of biodiversity, preserving the originality of each plot. Very balanced blends in the cellar and long resting and maturation times are the other two ingredients on which the excellence of Roederer champagnes is based. The Maison Louis Roederer is also universally known for having created the Cristal, a flat-bottomed transparent glass bottle containing the cuvée created specifically for Tsar Alexander II. Since then this wine has been a symbol of luxury and elegance.

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