Normandy certainly shines for a product known all over the world which, however, curiously, is not a wine , but a distillate: it is Calvados, or a brandy obtained from the distillation of cider which, in turn, is a alcoholic beverage obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of apples and sometimes pears.
Curiosity: to obtain about 100 liters of pure alcohol, about 2.5 tons of apples are needed. Generally Calvados is not the result of a single distillation, this happens rather rarely, in general it is always the skilful blend of several distillates aged for various periods and coming from different vintages, to better assemble the product and obtain a round and harmonic. Like all great distillates that remain in casks, the taste of Calvados is refined and evolves more with long aging that can refine it and enrich it with moods. About 70% of Calvados is sold young, with the minimum two years of aging, 80% of the distillate is consumed in France. There are over 3,500 producers but only a hundred of these distill directly, the others give their production of apples or cider to large distilleries which in turn entrust or sell the distillate to entrepreneurs who will provide for the aging and final marketing.
Many French people love to drink the "café-calva" in the morning which is nothing more than a coffee laced with Calvados. Another French custom is to drink in one gulp during, or at the end of lunch, a small glass of Calvados which is supposed to help digestion, called "trou normand" literally "Norman hole".

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