The Mexican tradition of distillation is very ancient and leads to a single plant, the agave , from which the most famous distillates are produced: Tequila , Mezcal and Pulque . Agave is a very common plant in Mexico (and beyond) and has been an inexhaustible source of goods for the inhabitants of the areas in which it grows spontaneously: water, sugar, medicines, fuels, vinegar, sugar, alcoholic beverages and numerous other products. The versatility of this plant has earned it the nickname Tree of Wonders . Agave is present in numerous botanical variants and, at present, there are over two hundred species, including agave tequilana , or blue agave , from which Tequila is made, a brandy which has at least 51% agave distillate . Agave salmiana and agave angustifolia are instead among the main varieties of the plant which contribute in the production of Mezcal , a distillate which has its flourishing production in the Oaxaca area. Central American distillates are widely used in mixing (cocktails) and lately they are rediscovering a renewed interest that has led many insiders, but also enthusiasts and curious, to appreciate the qualities of these products. Numerous other products are obtained from the agave, including a very ancient fermented drink rooted in Mexican tradition: Pulque .

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