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    Riesling is a vine that comes in two distinct forms: the Rhine Riesling and the Italian one. The first is native to the Rhine Valley, in Germany, and in particular in the Moselle area. Here he produces truly extraordinary wines, with surprising longevity. Rhine Riesling is the most important German grape variety and represents for Germany what Chardonnay is for France, a pillar of enology. While it has been widespread for some time in Central Europe, the diffusion of Rhine Riesling in our country is relatively recent, in fact it dates back to between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 1900s. One of the peculiarities of Rhine Riesling is its remarkable resistance to cold which makes it cultivable only in regions with a pretty harsh climate. It has a complex and penetrating "nose", it has ferrous, floral and honey scents and aromas which, if left to age for many years, develop typical notes of hydrocarbons, one of the most sensational and curious aromas of this wine. The differences between Rhine Riesling and Italian Riesling are notable, both from an ampelographic point of view (the plant) and as regards the wine obtained, which in the second case is more drinkable, characterized by a medium body, with a slight bitter aftertaste, very typical, especially when compared with the more aristocratic, complex and evolved tones of Rhenish Riesling. The origin is not strictly Italian, although the name may suggest it. It is an extension of the toponym in German and suggests an origin coming from southern Europe. Italian Riesling is widespread in Oltrepò Pavese, Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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