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    Pinot Grigio

    Clearly distinguishing itself from white and red berried vines, this grape is effectively gray berry : very often it is vinified in white (without using the skins), other times the skins are macerated and the wine takes on a very particular and intriguing copper color . This technique is particularly used in Alsace, where this wine is particularly at home. The origin of the French name "pinot" comes from the word "pin", ie "pine". The shape of its bunch looks like a small pine cone, a feature that unites all the vines with the name "pinot". It is rather difficult to cultivate and requires a particular microclimate: in Italy, it is at ease especially in the North East. Pinot Grigio has had great success especially in the last twenty years, establishing itself as the most appreciated and consumed wine in the Italian territory , although currently its consumption has decreased. Its organoleptic characteristics vary greatly depending on the territory and the processing methods. In places with a constant and cold climate, an excellent structure will be found, with a velvety and soft taste and with an aroma of vegetables, flowers and fruit and a pleasant aftertaste with balsamic hints. If instead we are dealing with vines grown in places where the climate is characterized by considerable temperature ranges, we will obtain a wine with exclusively fruity flavors and a strong and remarkable body and astringency. In both cases it is possible to obtain a wine with even more marked organoleptic properties thanks to the aging in wooden barrels.

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