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Schiava wines

In Alto Adige , where this grape is most widespread, Schiava is known as Vernatsch . The best-known wines produced with Schiava are Caldaro or Lago di Caldaro (Kalter or Kaltersee), from the name of a lake in the province of Bolzano, and Santa Maddalena (St. Magdalener), from the name of a town still near the capital. The origin is probably Croatian, and with the invasion of the Lombards, the vine was introduced in northern Italy. We also find it in Veneto (province of Verona) and in Lombardy (province of Brescia). The name Schiava probably derives from the fact that the vines were grown on wooden supports rather than free, in the form of small trees, as was more common in antiquity. Schiava is a light wine , with a low tannin content, from a light ruby color to an intense ruby red. Its flavor is pleasantly soft and fruity and often has a slight almond undertone. It is perfect with appetizers and typical specialties of Tyrolean cuisine, speck and cold cuts, but also with white meats and mild cheeses.

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