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Whisky Blended 'Akashi' White Oak Distillery - Akashi 50 Cl Astuccio
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Whisky Blended 'Akashi' White Oak Distillery - Akashi 50 Cl Astuccio

White Oak Distillery - Akashi
Data sheet
Production philosophy
in small wooden barrel (barriques) for 36 months
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
50 cl bottle - with box
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 36,10

Ordina entro to receive it Monday 22/04/2024
Vinopuro's advices
Recommended glass
Tulip Goblet
The goblet suitable for Whiskey is tulip-shaped, to give, at the same time, a good contact surface with oxygen and an optimal direction for the aromas, towards the nose.
Serving temperature
16-18 °C
Whiskey Blended Akashi is one of the finest products of the White Oak Distillery, an important distillate producer in Japan. The distillery was founded in 1888 and made sake until 1984, when it began production of whiskey and malt-based spirits. Specializing above all in single malts, it is based in the city of Akashi and, right in the prefecture of Hy?go, it finds the perfect conditions for growing cereals. The peculiarity of this whiskey lies in its limited production, since the White Oak stills only work for one month during the year. The malt is fermented and subjected to distillation in column apparatus. The distillate thus obtained is placed in oak barrels and left to age for 12-24 months before bottling. Whiskey Blended Akashi has an important structure, which can be appreciated even better in case of longer aging. Powerful and refined, the Japanese blended is the perfect choice for a relaxing after dinner with friends.
Technical specifications
Colour Color
Amber golden yellow.
Scent Perfume
delicate, soft e fruity, con sentori di yellow fruit, honey e vanilla.
Taste Taste
enveloping, full, deep, fruity e spicy.
Producer "White Oak Distillery - Akashi"
White Oak Distillery - Akashi
Region: Japan
Foundation year: 1919
Address: 919 Okubo-cho 919, Akashi-shi, Hyōgo, 674-0065
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