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White Oak Distillery - Akashi

White Oak Distillery - Akashi
Region: Japan
Year of foundation: 1919
Address: 919 Okubo-cho 919, Akashi-shi, Hyōgo, 674-0065

Akashi is located a short distance from Kobe Bay and is the whiskey distillery closest to the coast in Japan: the oceanic air is reflected in the salty purity of the malt and other cereals used in production. The city of Akashi, whose name can be translated as "city of dawn", was founded 500 years ago and is located on the island of Honsh?, the largest and most productive of the Empire of the Rising Sun. Founded in 1888, Eigashima Shuzo obtained the first Japanese whiskey production license, issued in 1919, and remains the smallest Japanese whiskey producer, with a team of 5 people. A new adventure began in 1984, when the copper stills were put into operation and the adventure of premium whiskeys began in the new "White Oak Distillery" plant. The modern distillery, however, continues to produce small quantities of spirit distillate to maintain a high quality standard. The flagship of the house are: the blended Akashi, Eigashima Shuzo [White Oak]: it is a whiskey blended in the Scottish tradition with Japanese precision and the single malt Akashi, Eigashima Shuzo Serie Sommelier [White Oak] which is the second version of the Tokiwa Sommelier series, derived from two pinot noir barrels sent to Eigashima in 2016 by Master Sommelier Kennet Fredickson. This rare version was only produced in 500 bottles and during its aging it acquired absolute elegance and softness. Real treats for enthusiasts.

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