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Liqueur au Cognac Poire Peyrot 70 Cl con Confezione
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Peyrot Pear Cognac Liqueur 70 Cl con Confezione

Data sheet
Best cognacs
Production philosophy
in large wooden barrel for 24 months
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70 cl bottle - with box
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 32,60

Ordina entro to receive it Monday 22/04/2024
Vinopuro's advices
Serving temperature
18-20 °C
Dark chocolate

Cognac Poire Peyrot is a distillate from Maison Peyrot, an established company located in the New Aquitaine region, more precisely in the municipality of Jarnac, in France. The life philosophy of the Peyrot distillery is based on two principles: cultivating the vineyard with passion and above all respecting it. The basic material used for the production of this distillate is given by the delicious and well-known Williams pears, pears that are expertly harvested when the concentration of flavor becomes more lively. The distillation of the grapes takes place by hand, through the use of small copper boilers, which allow this fine ancient method of distillation to take place. Once this delicate distillation process has been completed, the fruits are left to macerate in the distillate itself, releasing all their flavour. Subsequently the distillate is aged for two years in oak barrels. Its balance of taste and perfume, the soft aroma, make this product an excellent distillate, where the note of Williams pears is felt in all its splendour.

Producer "Peyrot"
Region: Best cognacs (France)
Foundation year: 1956
Address: Rue du Paradis - Chemin de la Grande Champagne BP 42 - 16200 Jarnac
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