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Eau De Vie "Poire Williams" - G.E. MASSENEZ 70 Cl Astuccio
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Acquavite Eau De Vie 'Poire Williams' MASSENEZ 70 Cl Case

Data sheet
Production philosophy
in bottle
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70 cl bottle - with box
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 47,70

Ordina entro to receive it Tuesday 18/06/2024
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Serving temperature
18-20 °C

Eau De Vie Poire Williams is a fruit distillate produced by the Massenez company. In the region where the distillery is based, Alsace, there are some of the best fruit and vegetable excellences in all of France. An example are the Williams Pears, which are carefully selected to make this extraordinary distillate. Once the best fruits have been identified, they are placed in large vats, as tradition dictates. It is here that the fermentation process begins, which can only be defined as concluded once the perfect concentration of sugars has been reached. At that point a juice will be extracted, strongly characterized by the presence of the classic varietal hints of the pear. The distillation phase, also respectful of tradition, takes place through the classic copper stills. The result is a perfumed distillate, with a full and enveloping taste. Williams Eau De Vie Poire is perfect to offer as a digestive to friends after a dinner with friends.

Producer "Massenez"
Region: Alsace (France)
Address: 1, Zone Industrielle du Haechy 67220 Dieffenbach-au-Val – France
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