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Region: Alsace (France)
Address: 1, Zone Industrielle du Haechy 67220 Dieffenbach-au-Val – France

The history of the Alsatian Massenez distillery dates back to 1870, when in the Vallée de Villé Jean-Baptiste Massenez began to practice his own business as a distiller, thus paving the way for the business of his son Eugène, later a renowned master distiller. Eugène's success took hold with the distillation of wild raspberry, an elixir much loved by the then Queen of Sweden Victoria of Baden, who fell in love with the brandy during a trip to Alsace. The third generation of the Massenez family made the distillery a real driving force and experienced a real boom around the 1950s, under the guidance of Gabriel Eugène who, between innovation and tradition, gave impetus to the brand by linking it to the world gastronomic, in particular that of the great brasseries of Paris, including Flo, Bofinger and others. Subsequently, the commitment and excellence of the products proposed by Gabriel Eugène not only won the favor of numerous starred chefs of the time, but also crossed the French borders, landing in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Today Massenez is known throughout the world for the quality of liqueurs such as Crème de Cassis and the excellence of its spirits, including Poire Williams and Framboise. The value of the maison is actually recognized by various international competitions. It is no coincidence that in 1980 he managed to take home the prestigious World Quality Oscar. Two years after the Oscar, the reins of the company will be taken by Manou Massenez. With the production of brandy Massenez becomes unstoppable. Exports soar and its spirits reach over 100 countries. Since the beginning of the maison, among the ingredients used by the master distillers there are tasty fruits such as plums, cherries, pears and raspberries. The same ones that make each brandy unique, while at the same time giving it the intensity and character that distinguishes it.

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