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    Aperitif wines


    The aperitif moment is a fantastic moment, to be shared with friends and the people we love most, at the end of the day or at the weekend it has a truly magical taste! After a day of work we finally enjoy the well-deserved relaxation, something to whet our appetite and an irresistible glass of wine: fresh, inviting, seductive... a chat in company with a glass in hand... and everything seems more nice! Here are some ideas for your aperitif wine !

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    Wine: aperitif with sparkling wines and bubbles

    Perhaps the most made choice of wines for aperitifs is that of sparkling wines : these are fresh wines and which also help to grow a moderate appetite. Prosecco can also be a very fine option, as can Franciacorta . And if you are looking for something very refined, you can aim for Champagne . These and other options for aperitif wine are on this page.

    Aperitif white wine

    Are you looking for a white wine as an aperitif, there are a number of options you can consider: the  Gewürztraminer for example, with its fruity flavour, as well as Riesling ; if instead you are looking for something with a spring flavor, there is nothing better than a good Greco di Tufo or a Falanghina . Whatever white wine you are looking for as an aperitif, you will find the best here.

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