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Grappa "Grappa di Bassano" Poli Jacopo 50 cl
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Grappa 'Bassano Classica' Poli Jacopo

Poli Jacopo
Data sheet
Production philosophy
in small wooden barrel (barriques)
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
50 cl bottle
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
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Vinopuro's advices
Recommended glass
High Tulip Goblet
The tulip goblet, for Grappa, prevents the hand from heating the distillate during tasting. Its sinuous shape also allows the development of the bouquet that reaches the nose in all its fragrance.
Serving temperature
10-12 °C
Grappa di Bassano Poli is a brandy produced by Poli Jacopo, a historic Venetian company, known for the production of grappas appreciated all over the world. This product is intended to represent an ideal love letter to the area surrounding the city of Bassano, the capital of grappa. The homage to the city and its symbol, the Ponte Vecchio, can be found in every step: from the choice of grapes to the distillation process, aimed at obtaining the highest quality. In fact, this grappa is obtained from cuvées of classic vines from the Bassano area, which reflect a production philosophy aimed at respecting and fully describing this fascinating area. Furthermore, the distillation takes place in a completely artisanal way, through a copper alembic and small steam-powered boilers with a discontinuous cycle. The result is a grappa, produced exclusively in small batches, with an elegant and persistent taste. Grappa di Bassano Poli is perfect as a digestif at the end of a dinner with friends: it will discreetly brighten convivial moments.
Producer "Poli Jacopo"
Poli Jacopo
Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Foundation year: 1898
Address: Via Marconi, 46 - Schiavon (VI)
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