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Poli Jacopo

Poli Jacopo
Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1898
Address: Via Marconi, 46 - Schiavon (VI)

If it is true that the genealogy of a family is based on the male line, it must however be said that the women of the Poli family have always played a leading evolutionary role and it is probably thanks to them that the Poli men have been able to express their talents productive and commercial Over the centuries the Poles have been shepherds, hatters, innkeepers and finally distillers. The goods that were produced and marketed have changed: cheese, straw hats, wine, Grappa.

However , the values that have inspired and continue to inspire these activities have never changed: the sense of duty, the sense of social responsibility, respect for one's customers and for the things one produces, honor for one's lineage. . These are the principles that inspire Poli every day. The company today is one of the most well-known and appreciated distilleries, a symbol of the Italian grappa tradition.

The artisanal touch and pure dedication to one's work emerges when looking at the production techniques: over time the descendants have improved and multiplied their stills, writing important chapters in the history of distillation. Among the fine raw materials chosen by the Poli Distilleries are Gewürztraminer, Merlot and Moscato grapes, distilled with steam stills, traditional bain-marie and vacuum stills , depending on the style and label of the distillate produced. The brilliant Poli grappas contain the soul of an all-Italian terroir and culture of excellence.

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