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Brandy "Italiano di Poli" Jacopo Poli 70ml
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Brandy 'Italiano di Poli' Jacopo Poli 70ml

Poli Jacopo
Data sheet
Production philosophy
in large wooden barrel for 36 months
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70cl bottle
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 22,40
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
€ 5,70 € 3,90

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Vinopuro's advices
Recommended glass
Tulip Goblet
Perfect goblet for Brandy: the tulip shape allows the most intense concentration of perfumes to be smelled and deciphered. At the same time, the distillate has a large surface area to oxygenate and thus express itself at its best.
Serving temperature
18-22 °C
Poli Brandy Italiano is a distillate made by the Poli Jacopo company, a true legend in the world of grappa, which has expanded its production with this local interpretation of the classic Italian brandy, but of French origin. this rare product, the Poli company uses the pomace of grapes from the Trebbiano di Soave vine. The distillation begins with the use of the traditional copper alembic, which tells the story of the artisanal nature of the process. Once the extract has been distilled, the product is left to refine for a period of about 3 years in classic Allier oak barrels. The maturation phase allows the tannins to soften in the rougher notes, but to remain very present with their vigor. The result is a brandy suitable to accompany the most elegant after dinner, thanks to its ability to amaze guests. Poli's Italian Brandy is a distillate that must be savored slowly, in order to intercept all the nuances of this complex and multifaceted brandy.
Producer "Poli Jacopo"
Poli Jacopo
Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Foundation year: 1898
Address: Via Marconi, 46 - Schiavon (VI)
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