This distillate is produced all over the world, but the countries with the greatest tradition (and quality) are Italy, France and Spain. After all, they are the countries with the greatest wine vocation in the world and brandy is actually produced by the distillation of wine. Some areas of France, such as Armagnac and Cognac are so famous and historic that they have given their own name to their brandies.

Among the most suitable grapes we find Trebbiano (which in France takes the name of Ugni Blanc), moreover one of the most important phases, in addition to distillation, is the aging which takes place in particular wooden barrels. Brandy usually has no vintage as it is a blend of distillates from different vintages and any age always corresponds to the youngest brandy. So if you blend a 5 and a 30 year old, a 5 year old brandy will come out, you don't do averages.

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