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Grappa di Pinot “Po’ di Poli Elegante” Poli Jacopo ASTUCCIATA 70 cl
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Grappa of Pinot 'Po' di Poli Elegante' Poli Jacopo BOXED 70 cl

Poli Jacopo
Data sheet
Production philosophy
in small wooden barrel (barriques)
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70 cl bottle - with box
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 27,50

Ordina entro to receive it Thursday 05/10/2023
Vinopuro's advices
Recommended glass
High Tulip Goblet
The tulip goblet, for Grappa, prevents the hand from heating the distillate during tasting. Its sinuous shape also allows the development of the bouquet that reaches the nose in all its fragrance.
Serving temperature
10-12 °C
Pò di Poli Elegante is a grappa whose name already identifies its distinctive characteristics, so as to perfectly address the tastes of connoisseurs. A young, sophisticated and gentle grappa, born in the Jacopo Poli distilleries, in Schiavon in the heart of the Veneto region, where this family has been producing quality distillates for centuries. This long tradition is supported by the presence of two Poli museums, one in Bassano and the other in Schiavon, as well as a modern showroom in Venice. Pò di Poli Elegante originates from the pomace of Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco grapes and thanks to a completely artisanal distillation, made in small batches, with typical copper stills, with steam boilers. The resulting taste is velvety and soft, in which we recognize vines of the same family but different in terms of times, harvest and vinification technique, thus realizing the Polivitigno method, typical of this distillery. Pò di Poli Elegante grappa is marketed in a bottle with essential lines, extremely refined which makes it pleasant and suitable as a gift on any occasion.
Producer "Poli Jacopo"
Poli Jacopo
Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Foundation year: 1898
Address: Via Marconi, 46 - Schiavon (VI)
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