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Region: Germany
Address: Rheinallee 62, D-55283 Nierstein

We talk about the Louis Guntrum cellars and we find ourselves catapulted into Germany, on the banks of the Rhine river, in the area between Nierstein and Oppenheimer. The property, managed for eleven generations by the Guntrum family, is now in the hands of Louis Konstantin Guntrum, who manages everything personally. The peculiarity that best defines the family's mission is the long winemaking tradition that unfolds over time in a small property immersed in the Rhein-Terrasse. The area owes its name to the vineyards that adorn the lands that descend to the banks of the Rhine. Seen from above, this territory does not have a meter of land free from vineyards and it is easy to understand why: it is considered the area for the production German winemaking par excellence. Back in 1648 the Guntrum family was in Rhein Hesse, precisely in the village of Wörrstadt in Rheinhessen. On his small property he decides to start growing grapes and producing wine. The results look good, but we have to get to the eighth generation to admire the current structure in which the wines are produced. The large structure built in the 1920s was created by Louis Jean George Guntrum. Generations continue to flow and we arrive at the present day with Louis Konstantin Guntrum who never wanted to forget the winemaking tradition he has behind him. To improve production he decided to combine the past with the future by using classic wooden barrels for aging, together with stainless steel tanks. Thanks to this method, classic vines of the area such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer or Silvaner are able to guarantee high quality production. The main characteristics are found precisely in the processing and care of the vineyards: moderate pruning to guarantee a good result even in the long term; reduced use of fertilizers; in-depth soil analysis to understand the real needs; manual harvesting of grapes. Being able to witness the processing of the harvest in this cellar takes you back to the roots of wine culture: time and nature instead of technology and mechanics. The choice leaves no doubt and the results confirm it: harmony and heady aromas are the hallmark of the Guntrum winery.

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