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La Mozza

La Mozza
Winemaker: Gabriele Gadenz
Address: 58051 Magliano in Toscana GR

The La Mozza winery is located in the south-western area of the Tuscan Maremma in Poggio La Mozza from which it takes its name, a town between Grosseto and Magliano; its position (about a dozen kilometers from the sea and 45 minutes south-west of Montalcino) while maintaining the typical terroir of the Maremma, it allows for absolutely particular climatic conditions. The total absence of frost in the morning, the scarce rainfall deriving from the presence of the Island of Elba which acts as a barrier to the humid air coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea, create much drier air in the area of the estate compared to both the hilly area of Montalcino and that present in the south of Maremma. These conditions favor a characteristic microclimate which allows for the production of vines that are normally found in areas much warmer like Alicante and Syrah. The winery has been owned by the Bastianich family (Joe and his mother Lidia) and Chef Mario Batali since 2000. It is at the center of a project to transform the vines for the birth of varieties details; the 36 hectares of vineyards facing south have a very fast maturation, as the climatic conditions allow the bunches to always be exposed to the heat of the sun for the entire duration of sunlight. Desire for experimentation and love for taste and quality: these are the ingredients for the success of Bastianich wines.

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