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Luce della Vite - Frescobaldi

Luce della Vite - Frescobaldi
Region: Tuscany (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1993
Address: Loc. Castelgiocondo, 53024 - Montalcino - Siena,

At an altitude between 350 and 420 meters above sea level, the estate is one of the highest in Montalcino.
In the higher altitude areas, the soil is rich in marl, well drained and poor in organic substances, ideal conditions for the viticulture of Sangiovese.
The long dry and sunny summers typical of the area and the altitude and southern exposure of the estate's vineyards allow a slow and complete maturation of the bunches which give wines of great concentration and vigor. The cool, breezy nights help maintain the aromatic complexities of the grapes. This is the terroir used by Luce della Vite, a prestigious company from the Frescobaldi archipelago. And here Luce was born, the first Sangiovese-Merlot wine from Montalcino, a true innovation for the territory. The range is completed by 2 other very interesting labels. A cellar to discover.

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