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Region: France
Address: Jaurey, 40240 Labastide-d'Armagnac, France

The Domaine Laberdolive winery, founded in 1886 in Escoubes, is located in the renowned Bas Armagnac region, between the departments of Gers and Landes. A historic region, Gascony, in the South-West of France, where the Laberdolive family has been producing Armagnac for over a century, aging the brandy in black oak barrels harvested from their forests. Extending over 40 hectares, the estate has grown over time, acquiring various properties, starting in 1893 with the Juarrey estate, Pillon in 1956 and Labrune in 1963. Thanks to the work of several generations, today the Laberdolive winery boasts an important catalog of Armagnac, spirits of great historical and economic value. Domaine Laberdolive produces Bas Armagnac according to the ancient tradition, with the help of two stills, one of which dates back to 1893. Stills heated by wood fire collected on the estate. Distillation takes place by the end of winter, as soon as fermentation is finished, so as not to disperse the aromas of the wine, which remain intact. The spirits are placed in oak barrels, made exclusively with the wood of the property, which is independent in the production circuit, from the bunch to the bottle. The permanence of new wood lasts approximately 3 years. The aging is subsequently continued for long years in barrels. The Bas-Armagnac Laberdolives each have their own characteristics, with a prevalence of aromas of old oak wood and fruits.

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