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Region: Lombardy (Italian wines)
Address: Località Boschi, 1 Cazzago San Martino (Brescia)

The "Rotonda Franciacorta" was born between 1980, with the purchase of the first hectare of land, and 1985 with the acquisition of the "La Rotonda" farmhouse (so called due to the presence of a Franciacorta observation tower with a circular base 15th century) and the 30 hectares that surrounded the monument. The company vinifies its products using exclusively the grapes coming from the rows of its 13 vines: for the white grape varieties they are Palazzina, Posta, Fùren, Capèl del Prèt, Solfarina, Pozzo, Bùsa, with Chardonnay grapes, Piana, with grapes of Pinot bianco, Foiano with pinot noir grapes. For the red berry vines the vines are Cantina with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, Terrazza Alta with Merlot, Nebbiolo and Barbera vines, Terrazza Bassa with Merlot and Nebbiolo grapes. The company produces two different types of DOC in the area: Curtefranca and Franciacorta; in Curtefranca as a wine there is "l'Osservatore" in both the white and red versions. The first is prepared 100% with Chardonnay type grapes coming from the Bùsa and Pozzo vineyards while the Osservatore Rosso has a blend coming from the Terrazza Alta and Terrazza Bassa vines for 45% Merlot, Cantina for the percentage of 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, Terrazza Alta for 20% Barbera and Terrazza (both Alta and Bassa) for 10% Nebbiolo. As regards Franciacorta, the white grape wines are Essea Brut, "Saten Millesimato" and "Dizeta" (Millesimato and Radicale); the grapes for the preparation of Essea Brut come from the Palazzina, Posta, Capèl del Prèt and Fùren vines for 70% Chardonnay, from the Piana vine for 20% Pinot Bianco and from the Foiano vineyard for 10% Pinot Noir; all the vineyards have an average age of around 20 years. For the "Saten Millesimato" the vines involved are Solfarina and Furèn for 85% Chardonnay, and Piana for the remaining 15% Pinot Blanc, also with an average age of 20 years. The "Dizeta Milesimato" instead has grapes coming from the vineyards of Palazzina, Posta, Fùren for 70% Chardonnay, from the Piana vineyard for 20% Pinot Bianco and from the Foiano vineyard for 10% Pinot Noir, while for the " Dizeta Radicale Riserva" the grapes come from the Posta, Fùren, Capèl del Prèt Pozzo, Bùsa vines, 80% Chardonnay, and from the Piana vineyard for the remaining 20% Pinot Blanc. The cellar is organically run .

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