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Nantou Distillery

Nantou Distillery
Region: Taiwan
Year of foundation: 2008
Address: No.4, Sec 1, Nanchang Rd, Taipei. 100 Taiwan

The Nantou distillery, opened only in 2008, is today the second largest on the entire island of Taiwan. The Nantou Distillery is located, more precisely, in the mountains of Taiwan and is fed by fresh spring water; its subtropical climate typically results in fast-maturing Whiskey. After being owned by the State of Taiwan for a few years, since 2012 the distillery has been managed by Mr. Pan who, thanks to personal international business experiences, has brought a new and fresh vision, combining traditional skills with a touch of modernity. The products are truly excellent and are spreading rapidly all over the world. It is worth knowing that in Asia there is a lot of excitement when it comes to whisky, just think that in Taiwan an event on spirits was held in which over 15,000 people participated in the first edition!

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