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Glasgow Distillery

Glasgow Distillery
Year of foundation: 2012
Address: 8 Deanside Rd, Glasgow G52 4XB, United Kingdom

The founding date of Glasgow Distillery Co. (GDC) is 2012; the main objective of the 3 founding members (businessmen of the city) is to return a distillery to produce whiskey in Glasgow, after over 100 years since its last presence. They are industry experts: Liam Hughes and Mike Hayward, together with accountant Ian McDougall and they name their group after the company that ran the Dundashill distillery in 1825-32. The project involves funding from private investors in Asia, and having secured this, along with a £130,000 Scottish Enterprise grant, the Glasgow Distillery Co. acquires the lease for a building in Glasgow's Hillingdon Business Park in 2013 to be used precisely at the distillery. By the end of the following year Makar Gin began to be produced and by March 2015 the first barrels were purchased and placed for the refinement of the Glasgow single malt.

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