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Veuve Goudoulin

Region: Armagnac (France)
Address: A Cadignan, 32330 Courrensan, France

Founded in 1935 by Jeanne Goudoulin, this Maison is located in Courrensan, in the Armagnac region. We are in one of the most suitable areas for the production of spirits in the world. This splendid reality was managed for about 30 years by the founder and from the sixties until the 2000s it was directed by her nephew Christian Faure, who developed its production and fame, and then passed into the hands of Michel Miclo, owner of a renowned winery in Alsace and who, assisted by his team, develops and renews production, further enhancing the passion of the Goudoulin family, maintaining the excellent quality standards, as per tradition. A work made of truly extraordinary competence, passion and research. Armagnac is the product of excellence that takes its name from this area and is considered the oldest brandy in France, known since the Middle Ages even for its therapeutic qualities. Armagnac Goudoulin is obtained with artisanal and traditional methods and, precisely from the distillation of the best white grapes of the region, thanks to the use of a particular "continuous" still, called "armagnacais", thus producing distillates rich in aromas, very elegant and refined. The aging of these products can be more or less long, and takes place strictly in local oak barrels. The "slow dormancy" of the spirits in these wooden barrels gives them that classic beautiful amber/orange color, combined with the classic "ancient" taste, characteristic of the best Armagnacs. Given the fact that the distillery is more than 90 years old, the cellar is full of Armagnacs from many vintages and often very old ones, all perfectly preserved. This allows Veuve Goudoulin today the possibility of offering very rare and prestigious vintage wines.

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