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Tenuta Perdarubia

Tenuta Perdarubia
Region: Sardinia (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1949
Hectares of vineyards: 20
Annual production: 30,000 bottles
Winemaker: Piero Cella
Address: SP56 - Km 7,1 Loc. Pranu Mannu 08040 Talana

Commendatore Mario Mereu is recognized as a true pioneer of Sardinian viticulture. As far back as 1949, among the first in Sardinia, he sensed the potential of the traditional Cannonau vine, cultivated in the Ogliastra area since ancient times, he vinified it following empirical but rigorous procedures aimed at quality and obtained a progressive, but inexorable success both in Italy and abroad. The wine is called Perda Rubia and produced in the historic Cardedu winery, both with its own grapes and with grapes brought by local farmers and quickly becomes appreciated even outside the borders of the island, conquering the international spotlight. Renato Mereu , Mario's son, carries on the family business and has a great intuition: in 1971 he planted new Cannonau vineyards, but each plant, on a botanical level, is on a "free foot" , a very rare and also risky thing because normally, since the beginning of the century, all the vines in Europe have been grafted with the so-called "American foot" to avoid the aggression of the dreaded phylloxera, an insect which, by eating the roots of the vines, had destroyed almost the entire vine towards the end of the 19th century European viticulture! This absolute particularity gives the grape, and then the wine, completely new and particularly unique characteristics. In 2014, the baton passed to the third generation of the Mereu family, who began an important renovation and relaunch of the entire cellar, also introducing a new label, "Naniha". Today the company has approximately 600 hectares of surface area, all organic , of which 20 hectares are used for vineyards; this is evidence of the love and passion for one's land, with the specific desire to pass it on in even better conditions than the current ones. It is curious to know that the company logo is the graphic evolution of the historic label of the first Perda Rubia wine which in turn recalls the design of an ancient Sardinian fabric, owned by the Mereu family for a long time.

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