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Francini Naldi

Francini Naldi
Region: Tuscany (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1795
Address: Corso Giacomo Matteotti 82, 53041 Asciano (Siena)

It all begins in Asciano , a small village in the province of Siena, and precisely in the Antica Farmacia Francini Naldi which was founded in 1795 by a notable local family, the Francini Naldi and named after the patron saint of the town, Sant'Agata. The original pharmacy was furnished with very elegant Empire-style shelving, enriched with ceramic vases, vials and richly decorated glass, as was customary at the time. After centuries of history and many alternating generations, today he is Dr. Giovanni de' Munari , to be the director and owner, supported by his daughters Francesca, Valentina and Cecilia. But the turning point occurs during the last restoration of the pharmacy: on a shelf, Dr. Giovanni de' Munari finds notes and recipes attributable to Francesco Francini Naldi, founder of the pharmacy, already known as an alchemist and apothecary in the late 18th century. These manuscripts are deciphered and precise indications are obtained to create "singular potions". From the chance discovery of the eighteenth-century Tuscan recipe, a new liqueur was born: Vinpepato delle Crete , a bittersweet elixir of extraordinary charm. It is a maceration of spices, herbs and roots in a base of fortified Chianti wine (therefore added with alcohol) and comes from careful processing. There are fourteen herbs, spices and roots that rest in the wine for approximately 45 days in dimly lit and temperature-controlled rooms. Having lost its purely medicinal purpose, Vinpepato has been reworked especially in its alcoholic content, but its ancient flavor remains unchanged, the perfect conclusion to a meal, to be tasted at room temperature or, during the warmer seasons, at a lower alcohol content. lower than 10°-12°C.

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